Will I EVER Get to Go Fishing Again?

Lately it seems that when the weather is right, I am busy and can’t leave the office. When I am done and ready to shut the phone off and sneak out, it rains 🙁
I know that the fishing on Lake Fork is good right now. I am seeing reports from some of the folks over at Texas Fishing Forum and I know the fish are coming alive. The summer patterns are starting to work and the in-between post spawn blues are fading away until next year.
Sooner or later I will be able to get out there and catch more bass, but I guess sometimes we have to be patient about these things and the right time will come sooner or later.
A note to all of you out there who aspire to be self-employed. Sometimes it’s great, other times it will drive you crazy. I am in a period of the later.
See ya on the lake soon!

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