Water Temps Hit 60 at Lake Fork

I was on the lake yesterday and saw surface temps at 58+. The nights are now staying in the 50s and even 60s soon and the surface temps are at 60 degrees near the 515 bridge on the west fork. My guess is that they will be at or near 60 most everywhere in the next few days.

Five hours of fishing brought only two slot fish yesterday, but I did get my heart broken by a nice bass. I got him about halfway to the boat before he got off…which leads me to a funny story. Tonight I was fishing from the dock (I will have my boat here by the end of the month) and saw one of my neighbors in the RV park on a boat headed for a dock where I missed that nice one yesterday. I figured it was about 6 pounds.

After they had taken their boat out of the water I walked by on my way to my motorhome and asked if they caught a nice fish off of that dock. I told them I missed one yesterday that I though should be about 6 pounds. The gentleman looked at me and said, “He was 5-14.” They had just caught a fish in that size range on the same spot where I missed him. I bet it was the same fish. We all got a laugh, the fish is still there and we will catch him another day.

The fish I caught yesterday, including the one I missed that my neighbor landed, I caught on a pumpkin colored Senko with black flake. I was fishing it in thick weeds and had it Texas rigged with no weight. I am having to throw it with a spinning combo and the rod is just not stiff enough for a positive hook set. I will find a better spinning rod and that won’t happen again. I am liking the Berkley Series One spinning rod for this task. I am thinking the 7′ medium heavy action will do for the weightless plastics. Cabela’s has this rod in stock and they are running a $5 coupon offer on Berkley products through September according to their web site.

I’ve been speaking a good bit about Senko lures. Below is a table of some of the popular colors in the Senko:

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