Trailer Chains? Who Needs ‘Em!

While walking out to the dock this morning to fish for a while, I saw a man at the boat landing next to the dock taking his boat out of the water. He drove his boat up on the trailer, hooked the nose, hopped into his truck and took off up the ramp. One small problem, the pin holding his receiver hitch in came out and his boat went into the water, now attached to the trailer. So the boat and the trailer are floating just off the boat ramp. I offered help but he seemed to have it under control.

Our subject was nice enough to let me get a short video of this and even nicer, he allowed me to post it here.

I have thought many times since I have been here about safety chains etc. since you remove your boat from the water only to pull it to your site and park the trailer. I would probably not have used safety chains for this short task, but after I saw this I think I will. Unfortunately the camera was not rolling as the boat came loose and went into the water. It was quite funny, even for the guy in the video. He took it like a sport, waded out and got it all under control. The only harm was wet pants from the cold water, as you will hear from his statement in the video.

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