Toyota Big Bass Classic on Lake Fork

I went to the event today to do some networking with vendors and manufacturers. What a great event! There was live music, great food, nice people and a slew of interesting people at the booths. I bought some nice products that you will see on the site very soon and made some contacts to work with companies that will be announced as they materialize.

I was parked at the event when I realized I left my camera at home. That is a shame because the magnitude of this event is hard to express without images. For a seasoned event it is great. For this level of success at an inaugural event is amazing.

This event was apparently very professionally managed as it seemed well thought out and well laid out. I wouldn’t think the folks at Toyota would stand for anything other than a first-rate event.

There were probably 70 or so booths touting everything from new lures to the latest greatest boats. I learned a lot about the world of bass fishing just by chatting with the vendors and manufacturer reps. I have to give a shout out to the folks at Bill Lewis Lures, who made the trip from Alexandria to attend the show. They had some exciting new products at this event and, again, you will see them here very soon. Their Rat-L-Trap is no doubt my top all-time fish catching lure. They are based out of my home town of Alexandria, Louisiana so there is a hometown connection there.

Overall, this was a wonderful event. I am not pleased only because I was not living here in time to be a part of the event. That will be a different story next year.

For what it’s worth coming from a little guy, this event was a smashing success and should be held every year at least once a year. Lake Fork is one of, if not the, best bass fishing lake in the country. It only makes sense to hold am awesome event on an awesome lake.

The following days and weeks will bring about many additions to our web site as a result of contacts that were made at this event.

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