Time to Start Working the Post-Spawn Pattern?

Maybe not today or tomorrow, but real soon we will find ourselves backing off of the bank and working the inner grass lines on the flats for post-spawn bass. With the temps in their summer hang-out not high enough to suit them just yet, these post-spawn fish will be hanging in the flats near their spawning area.
It’s time to use a Rogue or some other shallow-diving stickbait to work the areas quickly looking for a bite, then settle down in an area where you found some bites and working the soft plastics for the fish hanging close to the bottom. What I notice this time of year is an abundancy of smaller fish above the grass in these 4-6′ flats with the larger fish down below the suspended grass. Again, thick and healthy hydrilla provides the most oxygen and cover, attracting the most bass.
I prefer fishing the larger, 10″, plastic worm when working for these post-spawn bass in a qualified area, but only once I have had some action on a ‘faster’ lure or have seen obvious activity on the surface.
I’ll try both patterns on my next trip and hopefully it will be obvious which one works the best.

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