Thursday 3/29 25+ on Lake Fork

The weather on Lake Fork on Thursday was windy and the water was terribly rough. I was fishing with my buddy Donuts who helped me move here from Florida. (I finally got my boat and my stuff here!) We hit the lake at about 2 pm and it was too rough to go far, so we went into the northernmost cove at Little Point, directly across from the Hwy 17 public landing. At the back of this cove is a single house with a green boat shed.

This spot was out of the wind and we knew the possibility of a big bass was less in this location, but I thought the smaller fish might be schooling in there…and I was right. It was slow when we got there and as we worked our way back in the cove it got better and better.

We ended up with, yep you guessed it, a watermelon Fluke. We used the small ones and the larger ones. The larger ones produced fewer fish but most of the larger fish we caught were on the larger Fluke.

There were Gar all over the place in this cove. We could see them schooling and breaking the top of the water all around us. Most of the bass we caught were in the 14-16″ range. Donuts caught a 4-13 (pictured below) and we had a few 3 pounders in the mix. Overall it was a great day considering the conditions. If the weather had been perfect we could have fished Birch Creek and had a better chance at a big fish, but that wasn’t a possibility with 3-4′ waves on the lake.

4-13 Bass on Lake Fork

When you enter this cove, you will notice the point on your left is thick with stumps. If you will draw a mental line around those stumps you will see somewhat of a channel that goes in there and goes all the way to the back. You will need to idle, but once you establish this, you will be able to motor to the back of the cove if you wish.

Here’s a video recap.

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