The 2007 McDonald’s Big Bass Splash Tournament on Lake Fork

The McDonald’s Big Bass Splash is September 14,15 & 16 on Lake Fork this year. As usual, it is based out of Lake Fork Marina.

This is a fun tournament because of the hourly weigh-ins. It adds a different element of strategy other than just fishing hard for the tournament times and hoping to weigh the most fish. The fact that Lake Fork has a 16″ – 24″ slot makes things that much more interesting. I am sure that some fat 15.9999″ fish will win some bucks during this tournament, so just because you are not catching fish over the slot does not mean you can’t win some bread!

The official radio station of the tournament is KMOO 99.9 FM. You need a radio in your boat to keep up with the current weight of any given hour to know whether or not you should weigh a fish you might have in the boat.

The tournament is $210 per person to fish all three days. Fishing times are from 6 am to 3 pm. Banned fishing times are from 8 pm Thursday until 6 am Friday, 8 pm Friday until 6 am Saturday and 8 pm Saturday until 6 am Sunday. See the complete rules for the Lake Fork event.

The best I can tell there will be nearly a half dozen boats given away, a Hummer, a few 4×4 utility vehicles, a few camper trailers and LOTS of cash to be had by the contestants. To keep it an amateur tournament, anyone who has fished 4 or more tournaments within the past 12 months with an entry fee over $600 is not allowed to participate, nor is someone who has been paid to take others fishing in the last 90 days on Lake Fork. In other words, no pros and no guides can fish this. That means that a hack like me can have a decent day of bass fishing and have a chance to win a boat…or a Hummer…or both!

For more info on the McDonald’s Big Bass Splash Tournament Series, click here.

Are you fishing it? See ya there!

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