The Evening Topwater Bite Makes a Slow Day a Fun Day

I went out today about 1:30. It was windy as you can hear in the first part of the video.

The trip started in my favorite cove and I had no luck there, so I went north to a point about 1/2 mile due north of point #48 on the map, Wood Bridge (a submerged roadbed and bridge). I fished around this point and caught one good fish. I had no more bites in this area for a few hours after that and headed back south of the 515 bridge to scope out a few new coves just south of my favorite cove at Little Point (spot #46 on the map). I liked the other coves, but I knew the topwater bite in my favorite cove would be there…and it was.

I got a few small bass on the topwater and didn’t bother taking video of them. I also caught a few nice slot fish on my trusty Pop-R. It’s funny how a tough day can turn into so much fun when the topwater bite turns on. Catching bass on topwater has always been one of my favorite things to do and it has only gotten to be more fun during my time fishing Lake Fork.

I saw no activity of bass on beds today and the fish I caught on the worm was well off the bank, suspended in some grass. This tells me that the post-spawn period is here, at least in this part of the lake. The south end of the lake might still have some bedding fish, but not for much longer. Back off of the bank during the day, find some good points to work. That’s what I will be doing for the next several trips, finding good points to work for suspended bass.

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