Tales from Birch Creek

Reliable tales tell me that fishing Birch Creek with a Culprit worm, motoroil color, has been producing some nice bass. While I have been out of town and unable to fish, they are biting on Birch Creek. Look for the clear water about 6 feet deep along the western bank of the creek and work the hydrilla. If they aren’t biting near the bank, be sure to back off the bank a bit and see if they are in the deeper water. I prefer to fish the 10 inch worm this time of year. When water temps are consistently above 65 degrees I move from 6 inch worms to the longer ones.
Big bass get stacked up in Birch Creek this time of year so be sure to visit it while you are out. It is just a short run north of the 515 bridge on the west fork. There is a public landing immediately south of the 515 bridge off of Hwy 17.
This area is busy this time of year. Remember to have some respect for other boats and your fellow bass fishermen.

Happy Spawn 🙂

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