Small Schooling Bass on Lake Fork

I went out Friday and fished major points. I tried a Carolina rig, medium and deep diving crankbaits, a wacky worm and everything else I had, but I was unable to get a good bite.

What I did find were a lot of schooling bass about 10-12″ long. All fish I caught were on a Rat-L-Trap. In the morning I used the 1/4 ounce chrome with a blue back and in the afternoon, since it was cloudy, I tied on a chartreuse 1/2 ounce model with an orange belly and a black back. I probably have not fished that color in 10 years, but it seemed to be what I needed.

In the morning, on my very first cast with a Rat-L-Trap I caught a small bass in about 25′ of water off of a point and on the first cast of the afternoon session (after the morning storm had passed) I caught a fish on the very first cast with the chartreuse color. Everywhere I went, I tried to get the larger fish down deeper to bite, but they would not. I ended up catching 10 or so on the Rat-L-Traps but none of any size larger than about 14″.

The morning session was cloudy and ended with a strong storm coming through. I got out of the way of it just in time. The afternoon was cloudy until about 7 when the sun came out just before it went down, creating a beautiful sunset on Lake Fork.

At least I caught some fish. I would rather have gotten the better fish to bite but it was not to be. I threw everything I had at them at all depths, worked the grassline, worked the deep timber but still had a pretty good time catching the smaller schooling fish.

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