Side Scanning Technology

At a recent bas tournament I had the opportunity to get out and see a demo of Humminbird’s side scanning technology. What can I say other than WHOA. Their pricey, but you can get a great idea of what’s down under. From the marina where we took off, we went out about 200 feet into some trees and began just idling around. The picture detail was phenominal. You could see trees, grass, perch beads, and supports for docks. At one spot you could actually pick out which post on a dock was holding fish. Simply amazing. After seeing this, I had to get one. So I am now the proud owner of a Humminbird 797 2c. Had to sell off some other hobbies to pay for it though. I’ve only had it out twice, but it has definitely shown me a few things. Other than the massive array of GPS functions and mapping views you can actually purchase a memory chip and follow the cleared boat lanes simply from the display.

Back to the side scanner. I knew where a couple of bridges were before the lake flooded and had to see what this thing had, so I made a few passes and got some amazing photos. I was able to see the guardrails for the bridge and count the number of supports. Next I started scanning around the 515 bridge looking for schools of bass by the pilings and actualy could point out which pilings were holding fish. If only I had some minnows. These things are amazing, but terribly expensive, and tricky to install. Let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck Ya’ll

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