Saturday on Lake Fork

I sat outside at the house Saturday morning drinking my coffee looking at the incredibly calm, overcast skies thinking, “man I wish I was on the lake fishing topwater”. So I hopped in the car and headed for the lake. By the time I made the 20 mile drive it was about 12:30 and I had bluebird skies and a constant 15-20 mph south wind. The perfect overcast topwater day was gone.

First I went south and worked a few main lake points with a deep diving crankbait and a Rat-L-Trap. No luck. So I headed north of the 515 bridge and worked the same point that produced the small schooling fish last week and got nothing. I was hungry and it windy to comfortably fish the places I needed to be fishing, so I went back to camp and took a break.

I went back out about 6:30 and went to the point where I found the schooling fish last week and caught one decent bass, about 2 pounds I would guess. I missed three others, all of them very, very small. I have switched to a medium heavy 7′ rod for cranks and such and what happens with the smaller fish is that you end up actually pulling them out of the water before they get to the boat and they are able to shake loose because their body isn’t heavy enough to allow for a good hook set. I guess it’s just the same, they get away unharmed and I keep fishing. These points hold bigger fish. I just need to find them. Next time out I will work it with a Carolina rig in hopes of better fish.

I hate to say never, but fishing on a Saturday at Fork is just crazy. There are two to three boats on every point and a frenzy of activity. I much prefer to fish during the week but it hasn’t worked out that way lately. If you can, I suggest fishing Fork during the week. There is a big difference in the boat traffic and fishing pressure and number of people in general on the weekend. I saw two different boats pulling a tuber in the boat row. Other boats are passing and there are big stumps to the right. I have to admit I have never seen that. It might be allowed but it seems dangerous to me.

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