Quick Trip to Fish Topwater. Four Nice Bass.

I just couldn’t stand to stay home this afternoon. I could hear the Bass calling me, so I went to the lake. I decided to fish only topwater and see what I could find. I found 4 nice bass and missed another one.

First off, I mention a Silver Magic topwater lure in the video. It is Yellow Magic. I am not sure why I insist on calling it the wrong name. The Yellow Magic topwater lure is a quality lure that works very nicely on top of the water. It shoots a nice spray ahead of it when you work it and that stirs up bass.

Most of my bites tonight were very easy. The first fish I caught really attacked the lure, but the others simply sucked it in barely breaking the top of the water. A Gar hit my lure and when I set the hook it cut my line. That’s why I switched from the Yellow Magic lure. I will get another few of them. They are somewhat pricey but they really do work well on top of the water.

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