Late Evening Sunday, Early Morning Monday – 5 Bass

We went to the camp late yesterday and stayed the night. I fished the evening with topwater and caught only two, both about 2 pounds. The mosquitos were so bad, even with Deet, that I had to come in. They were worse than I have ever seen them here. My guess is all of the rain we have had recently is to blame.

I went back out this morning at 5:45, just before sunrise and caught 3 more on topwater (Yellow Magic) by about 7 but I lost them after that. I tried deep, I tried shallow, I tried soft plastics, I tried a spinnerbait… They just seemed to shut off.

Over the next few trips, I am going to do a fair amount of graphing and plotting. I am not real familiar with the summer patterns on Lake Fork as this is my first summer to fish it. I believe the fish on this lake tend to be deeper that I am used to. I need to find those grass lines and structure in 20-30′ of water and work those. I will spend some time finding them using my trusty Lake Fork map and setting those points on my GPS.

The lake was absolutely beautiful this morning pre-dawn. The western sky had an orange glow and the water was like glass. Even though the fish weren’t biting real good, what a beautiful way to start a day!

I have no videos to show you for this trip. I bought a new camera and the wide angle just doesn’t work on the boat, it is not a wide enough shot and the videos looked terrible. It is a very nice camera, a JVC Everio that I got a GREAT deal on at Vanns, but my trusty Sony Cybershot will be the fishing camera.

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