Lake Fork Fishing Today

For the past few days I have been fishing off the dock with another guy who is staying here at Lake Fork Resort. We decided to rent a boat for a few days, so we did that today.

  • Boat Rental: $200.00
  • Fishing License $55
  • Falling into the lake 15 minutes into the fising trip…priceless!!

Well, it wasn’t really priceless, it required a new cell phone and since I already had the service, the phone was rather expensive. We were in a stump field and it was windy. I was on the front of the boat and bent down to put the trolling motor in the water when we hit a stump and the boat ceased to drift forward, I did not 🙂 But it’s all good.

We caught a few nice fish in about 3 hours. Mine was 4 lb 2 oz and Tom’s was 3 lb 3 oz. I caught mine on a 1/2 ounce, crawfish colored rattle trap and he caught his on a white spinner bait with a red tipped trailer. Videos are below.

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