Fishing in the Wind

We have had some serious wind here at Lake Fork lately. Saturday saw sustained winds in the area of 30 mph + all day with gusts over 50 mph. This caused lots of problems in the area like power outages, down trees, ripped off roofs and other inconveniences. This is very uncharacteristic of East Texas. We get our share of wind here but this was an exceptional weather system that moved through.

As fishing goes, I have had some of my best days fishing in wind so strong that I had to tie up to something instead of using the trolling motor. One trip to Toledo Bend comes to mind where it was cold and so windy that it was hard to tell when I had a fish on. Saturday when we had the heavy winds, I fished from the dock and had a decent day.

Don’t discount bass fishing  in the wind. It is a pain and I encourage you to stay off of the main parts of the lake as it can be dangerous in the boat, but if you can find somewhere to tie up on a windy day this time of year and throw your favorite crank bait or rattle trap,  you can catch fish. I am no meteorologist but these windy conditions are often associated with weather patterns that can prove quite fruitful for a fishing trip.

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