Don’t Forget Jerk Baits

I love fishing a Rogue. I prefer the floating Rogue over the suspending one only because of the thrill I get when I see a big bass come up and hit it on or just under the water’s surface. I have been somewhat of a junkie of topwater fishing all of my life.
In the Spring, don’t forget to throw an orange-belly (I prefer the silver/black with the orange belly) Rogue in water that has grass below the surface. Work it down deep enough to where you feel the top of the grass then let it float to the top. Most of your strikes will occur while the bait is rising.
It’s funny, but when I fish a sinking jerk bait like a Fluke, it seems that most of my hits are when the bait is sinking. When I fish a floating jerk bait like the Rogue, most hits come when it is rising. It seems like bass really like the bait when it is doing its natural activity whether it is sinking or floating.
Anyway, don’t forget about those jerk baits. Sometimes they will work when nothing else will and they are always a lot of fun.

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