Berkley Tournament

Well the last tourny of the year has passed for me. This one was quite the ride, literally. The first day we headed out to our first spot bouncing from wave to wave. That was a treat. I never heard my motor come out of the water before.

Once we got there, we took about 15 minutes to tie up to a tree to fish. Another wet ride as we were facing the wind head on. Then after the waves stopped coming over the bow we got to fishing. A couple of small ones and we headed to a protected part of the lake. Day one passed without catching much of anything.

Day two; my partner decided he would sleep in a bit since the sun didn’t come up for another hour. I’m more the type to get out there, and it paid off. At 6:30 I started fishing, and at 6:45 had a nice fish in the well. By nice I mean a money fish, but not big money. I caught the thing on a Jig. This was on the first cast with a lure I never fish, and by never I mean I only use them when sight fishing in the spring. But anyways, he comes out around 7:oo and I had already caught 2 more. He didn’t believe me until I told him we needed to get to the weigh in to be in the first hour. Then he said “Not again”. {I’ve done this to him before.}

We spent the day chasing schooling fish in different areas, but nothing else eventful happened. All in all we had a good time.

 Little Berkley Jig = $3.99

Trailer = $3.99

Cup of coffee to wake up = $1.07

Telling your buddy you caught a money fish while he was sleeping = Priceless

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