I have been a bass fisherman for all my years and have fished mostly in Louisiana and Texas. I grew up fishing Toledo Bend from the Louisiana side and the lakes near my home of Alexandria, Louisiana. I have lived in Florida for the past 9 years and amazingly enough I have not done a lot of bass fishing there. I fished the inland coastal waters for reds, snook and trout. I did some bass fishing in Florida, but it seemed everywhere I went, the alligator to fish ratio was very high. I never ventured into the St. John’s system and I might regret that, but probably not since I now live a stone’s throw from Lake Fork.

Lake Fork is truly Big Bass Country, so my experiences have inspired this site. I will post the results from my trips on the lake and will show photos and videos of the nicer fish. I don’t claim to be a Lake Fork expert, a professional angler or a guide. I have no aspirations to become any of those, I have a day job. I am just a guy who moved to the area and has the time to learn the lake and fish it. Everyone has their own preferences in the fishing world and I am not trying to convince anyone to use my methods but I am sharing my methods with you as I learn the lake.

All largemouth bass between 16 and 24 inches long caught on this lake must be returned to the lake. This insures a healthy population of fish that are in the most productive stages of their lifecycle.

Your comments or fishing stories regarding Lake Fork are welcome.

8 Pound Bass - Lake Fork

I caught this 8-3 (22 1/2 inches) on my first full day fishing Lake Fork. I caught it on a half ounce, crawfish colored Rattle Trap within 200 feet of the landing at Lake Fork Resort. It was released at that spot so you can catch it someday. I realize an 8 pound bass is nothing special on this lake. That’s what I love about this place!

Happy Fishing,

Scott Hazard

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