A Bit Slow, But Three Nice Fish

Some days you get ’em, some days you don’t. Today I didn’t strike out so I guess it was a good day. Other than a miserable trip for an hour on a cold and windy day, I have not struck out on Lake Fork yet. I am probably enacting some kind of curse now that I have said that. It’s a good thing I am not superstitious. If a bad day on Lake Fork means three nice fish, I am in the right place!

There was not much action in the cove today. I didn’t go anywhere else. I got lured in by two nice fish and ended up staying there until it was too late to go to another spot. I caught about 10 pounds in three fish, so that works for me.

We are expecting a cloudy day tomorrow. I hope to be able to get out. My expectation is that it will be a better day to fish.

Yellow Magic Japanese Topwater Lure

Check out this Yellow Magic topwater lure. I met these guys at the Toyota Classic last weekend. This lure is engineered in Japan and they made some huge claims about it. Today wasn’t a good enough sample to make a determination. If anyone has any experience with it, e-mail me or register and post. I’m curious. I bought two of them, a small one and the “Magnum” version, which is 1/2 ounce. They are available at Bass Pro Shops for $14.95. It’s steep I know. We’ll see if their claims are good.
I can say one thing. They told me that bass inhale this lure. The bass I caught on it did indeed suck it in pretty good. It was released healthy and not bleeding, but it took some surgery to get him unhooked.

Yellow Magic  Japanese Topwater Baits

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