Big Cypress Creek Fishing for Sand Bass

We caught about 20-30 sand bass and yellow bass on Big Cypress yesterday. We went all the way to the spillway and fished the moving water. I had never been there before. This is my buddy’s spot.

Be careful in this creek if you don’t know it well. It is really low right now and there are lots of stumps to dodge. It’s really nice in there though. Here is a short video of our trip.

We’ll Miss You Gerald

Three men were injured in a boat accident on Lake Fork Friday morning. One of the men later died from his injuries at a Tyler hospital. Gerald McSchooler and his nephew were fishing on Lake Fork yesterday when their boat was struck by another bass boat near Little Mustang Cove. Authorities say one boat struck the other, running up and over it, eventually capsizing in the water. McSchooler and the driver of the other boat were taken from the lake to Tyler hospitals by helicopter. McSchooler’s nephew suffered only minor injuries.

McSchooler’s boat was able to make it to the shore while the other boat remained in the water for more than an hour. Game Wardens were eventually able to recover the boat and have impounded both vessels pending the investigation into the crash.

McSchooler worked at Cade’s Building Supplies in Mineola. The hardware store remained closed Saturday morning. He had been involved in community theater at the Lake Country Playhouse.

I was in a play at the Lake Country Playhouse with Gerald last year and have since become friends with him. I have heard lots of versions of this accident, but the only version that I know for real is that we lost one hell of a nice guy last Friday. Gerald was truly one of the nicest people I have met since moving to the area.

He loved fishing topwater and would throw a Yellow Magic under the strangest conditions, but he loved the topwater bite and was a passionate fisherman.

Most every time that I have been in to Cade’s since meeting Gerald, he was there with a smile and a helping hand with whatever I needed that eclipses the standard ‘call of duty’.

This is a solemn reminder to me and hopefully everyone else just how tragic a moment of distraction or lack of focus can be when operating a boat…or any other vessel.

God Speed Gerald. You will be missed by many buddy.

Time for a new boat.

Alright, I’m seeking information here. My 89 Skeeter is in good condition, runs smooth, but I found a 20′ that I’m interested in. Here’s the dilemma; I’m about $2500 short. Are there any banks that offer low interest short term loan? Is there any suggestions other than “Get a loan” that ya’ll can think of?

 Perhaps I could jut pass around a plate asking for a penny from everybody. 😉

Fishermen Spend LOTS of Money

My friend Kevin Webster posted an article today about the money fishermen spend annually. The article applies to NY state, but there are some national stats in there I found. I had not idea these figures were this high. See the article.

Freshwater anglers annually take about 21 million fishing trips and spend $1.5 billion pursuing this sport. Saltwater anglers annually take about four million trips and spend more than one billion dollars.

Toyota Texas Bass Classic on Lake Fork – April 18-20, 2008

The dates for the event this year are April 18-20. Trace Adkins will be performing, fresh off of his runner-up effort on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice.
Last year the Toyota Texas Big Bass Classic was nice. There was lots of food and things to buy and plenty of booths to visit. This year they are charging $20 a head to walk in the gate so you can pay $4 for a hotdog, $2 for a coke or drink a $3 beer inside the roped off area.
I think this event will be a flop compared to last year due to the cover charge. The promoter has apparently lost touch with how to make an event a hit so that the sponsors and vendors do well and come back years later. This event was very well done last year, look back in the archives and you will see where I said that, but to charge people $20 to walk in the door means that a typical family will be out $200 by the time they pay for parking, some refreshments and a few trinkets from the vendors.
I’m glad I am not one of the vendors who agreed to pay a premium price for a booth only to find out later that the promoter has gotten greedy and is charging fans $20 to walk in the door. Between the sponsors’ contributions to the event and the amount they sell the TV rights for, there is plenty of money to be made without charging $20 at the door. The promoters are trying to get rich here and I suspect they will be dealt a dose of reality by East Texas fishing fans.